The Loggers of Helsinki

Logger Helsinki by Kämmen

Kämmen, the glove makers from Helsinki, opened last fall with their stylish Driver glove aimed for gentlemen with decent wheel or set of bars to grab. We featured the makers and the glove in one of our events, and wrote a little piece on them, readable here. Now they have followed their passion to create better, more stylish gloves for urban men, with the Logger.

Logger is lamb leather lined with rabbit fur. The combination ends up to be soft, durable and warm – all the things necessary in the Helsinki’s winter weather and in the city life.

The Loggers come in four models representing also the colours. The Helsinki, orange/yellow colour featured here, the Moscow in burgundy, the Quebec in deep sea blue and the Grenobe in olive green. Come and try them out at our next event ›

And when it comes to Kämmen, they are definitely a new brand to follow. Do it on their site, or on their Facebook page.

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