Denim, craft beer and quality cobbling – Foundry Club visit to Pinkomo

In the middle of winter our Curators’ Club visited Pinkomo, our local cobbler and Helsinki’s top shop for revival clothing and some great hand-picked accessories.We had an intense but very relaxing evening in the small store full of club members, first-timers, fresh artisan craft beer, indigo and deep discussions.


Mikko Sorvali from Pinkomo was sharing his story as an entrepreneur. Now after more than three years, the pioneer work is paying off, customer base is growing and in the future we will see the store to feature new brands – and hopefully soon Mikko’s dream selection of timeless quality. Read more about Pinkomo and Mikko’s thoughts from Creating Helsinki blog.



Pinkomo has now been the official repair and sole replacement station for Red Wing shoes in Helsinki for quite some time. Mikko was also giving us nice intro about how he works magic with old shoes that need service. So next time you need to repair your old faithful pair of boots, Red Wings or other, be sure to head out to Iso Roobertinkatu.


Besides the top revival brands, you can find in Pinkomo some tough-ass-leather-belts made by the shopkeeper himself. This stuff will stand the test of time.


For every Foundry event we love to have some sense-based exploration. This time it was provided by Fat Lizard brewing company in the form of tasting their two home-made fresh draft beers – which also added some lubrication for the already nice atmosphere. We were totally blown away by the freshness and nice hops of these Californian style craft beers. Apparently it’s also very hard to get hangover from beer that is this fresh, only few weeks old, at least on our experience.  These guys truly master their trade so we hope to get their craft arrive to our local pub soon!


Our theme for the night was craft beer and denim – and for the later we got example-based presentation so deep we couldn’t even imagine. Kari Salmela from Indigofera did not only explain the difference between wide and narrow loom but went all the way to tell and break some truths and myths around denim. Apparently when you start to look into details there is no limit on how far you can go in your pursue for the perfect pair of jeans. However, Kari also gave us some very handy tips about how to recognize pair of well-made denim from overpriced brand stuff that is not made with same pride and passion. It’s all in the details – and now we know them.


Guys behind Sweden-based Indigofera were born between looms, have worked previously with top brands and manufactures and know their denim throughout. Still they don’t go for the most puritan hard core stuff but try to nicely balance nice quality with features that make the jeans good to wear. If you want to read more about their story, and about why they first made 1000€ jeans that still were sold for loss, check out the post here.

We also highly recommend checking out their shirts, and amazing wool blankets – that probably will be future collector’s items, and already now offer stunning value for your money.


More photos from the event in our Facebook gallery.

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