Foundry Curators’ Club


“Buy less – but better quality”

Foundry Curators’ Club is community of people who share interest in making better investments in clothing and related services. Curators Club is also the core for building the Foundry guide store selection. We only want to sell product that have actually have proven to live up the their value promise, curated in use by our members.

Club events

To our club members we organize events where we arrange program around:

  • The best purchases on menswear and accessories
  • The best stores to make these investments
  • The best local service providers, specialist and craftspeople
  • The most interesting people and projects with great attitude and story – pretty much anything around people who to that aim for quality without compromise and lifestyle that supports local services and production

The events are organized with our local partners approximately once a month. For each event we search an interesting local workshop, store or other place to visit, and topics that are chosen by our club members.

List of Events

Other services for members

Added to the events, we offer to our club members:

Guide store access on events and by appointment. Guide store is a shop that aims to help the customer to find just the right product. It’s a handpicked showroom selection with trial and fitting service. Some of the products we carry are custom made after the purchase and delivered straight to our customers.

Purchase service for new prospects. If our members find new interesting premium menswear online they can let us do the purchase for them and carry the risk and trouble for possible returns.

Lifetime buy-back guarantee. All product purchased from us (both from guide store and through purchase service) have eternal buy-back guarantee. This means that if the customer after any time of using the product feels that it was not a right choice for him, we buy the product back. Purchase service and buy-back guarantee lower the risk of quality investment and help our members to test interesting prospects that might end up to our guide store selection if they prove to be among the best in their category.

Sale and rental service for premium 2nd hand garments. Good garments deserve to be used. We make it easier for you members to give a new life to premium products that they are not using. This means selling or sharing them with likeminded people.

How does one become a member?

If you are interested to join the club, you can apply for membership. Club membership fee for year 2014 is 97 € and we accept limited amount of yearly memberships.

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