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We started Foundry because we were tired of all the badly made products we were buying and the clothes in our wardrobe that we didn’t wear or like wearing. Our mission is to bring back the real luxury – quality craftsmanship. There are so many shops out there which make us buy stuff that is not even worth of repairing. We love everything made to last, made without compromise and with attention to functionality in the details. Usually these kinds of products and their maker also have a story worth telling.


Our aim is to make it easier for people to find and buy garments that can stand the test of time and offer the maximum amount of “happy wearing hours”. And bring to spotlight the craftspeople who have a passion for making these products and extending their lifespan.

What is Foundry Helsinki?

It’s a shop for menswear. A new kind of shop, we want to believe, because our style category is quality. And our shop is a Guide Store where we help our customers find find better investment and understand what makes a certain product good for them. We want to teach people to buy less, but more quality. Our aim is to build a store where you can find the best products in each category. If you are looking for a new weekender bag and want to buy something for the rest of your life, visit our showroom. Or you are in search of the ultimate winter jacket, come and talk to us and we’ll help you. In the beginning our shop is open at our events and as a pop-up with our partners, and by appointment.

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It’s a club. A community of people who are interested in how quality is born. For our club we organize events where we visit interesting local services, shops, craftsmen and makers. These events are not only about clothes but about pretty much everything where quality and craft meet.

About the Foundry Curators’ Club

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Who are we?


Co-founders of Foundry are Pertti Pitsinki and Reima Rönnholm. We love doing this because we think it’s the right thing to do.

We both have a history in the field of designing services, better customer experiences and new business concepts. Foundry is our old brainchild that we have developed many years out of our frustration with fast-fashion and struggle to find well-made products. We believe that we can all have our effect to more sustainable consumption by buying products that we love to wear for long time. We want to offer an alternative for people who instead of buying more would like to buy better – and take better care of their trusted favorites.

However, Foundry is not our project only. Our club members are the foundation of building our shop, services and whatever we decide to organize. We love to share everything and hope there will be more shops like ours in the future.

If you feel like you should co-operate with us helping people to buy better quality and less crap, we are more than happy to stop whatever we are doing and listen to your proposal.

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