The Foundry Challenge – What is your multiplier for good investments?

Here’s a small challenge for everyone: Select a category in your wardrobe – shoes, jeans, whatever catches your eye. Now, choose your favourite, most trusted pair or item. That should be easy, it’s probably the one you wear the most – or the one that makes you smile the widest. Put your selection aside. Let’s […]

Web store opening soon!

We have finally picked a web store platform and the first selection’s product shots will (hopefully) be done today! The web store will feature all of our current selection, but as some of our products are made-to-order, the main method of buying will still be through our guide store (events and showroom). If you are in […]

Program revealed for Foundry Event #2

“Quality ages with dignity” is the theme for our 2nd ever Curators’ Club Event, which is hosted by Roomage Vintage Interiors in their Showroom at Kulmakatu. The event takes place on Tuesday the 8th of October, starting from 18:00. Registration is now open. (Photo credits: Kimmo Pohjapelto, Risto Kantola, Benjamin Ilmoni) There are objects and […]

Goodbye first event, welcome next ones!

At the first Foundry Curators Club event we got a bunch of excellent Founding Members, who also got to enjoy  an interesting program. We wrote earlier about our host Made in Kallio and one of their creative talents Puuguru, as well as about our main guest Rye Rye, which was simply mouthwateringly tasty. Foundry Guide […]

Foundry Guide Store grand opening

As you might have noticed, we are also building a new kind of shop for menswear in Helsinki. The launch for our Guide Store concept took place at our first club event exclusively for our founding members. Our humble goal is to build a store that concentrates on the best clothes and accessories in their […]

A visit to Made in Kallio and Puuguru

After some six years of talking we finally took the first real step with Foundry – when the founding event for Foundry Curators Club was held last Saturday at Made in Kallio, Helsinki. The idea of these Club Events is to go to places where something interesting is created locally, meet the makers, learn, talk and […]

Whisky of course, but why rye?

Last weekend, at our first Foundry Curators Club event, we got an excellent introduction to a drink completely unfamiliar to me priorly – rye whisky. Don’t get me wrong – I am quite a friend of scotch, though not a fanatic, and lately I have been getting to know some excellent bourbons. But prior to […]

Still few tickets available to our first club event!

We will open Foundry Guide Store for the first time in the first club event next Saturday. Besides some hand picked examples of quality products, the event will include a very exclusive whiskey tasting and startup creation story from the guys at Rye Rye. For the first event our hosts will be the great people […]

Brady bags arrive to Foundry Guide Store

I wrote earlier a small post about my beloved messenger bag, made by Brady in Walsall, UK. The quality, build and functionality of this bag inspired us to learn more about this brand with great heritage. And now we are happy to announce that we bring Brady bags available in Helsinki to our Guide Store […]

Building a new kind of retail concept

Foundry Helsinki is building a new kind of shop for premium menswear. Our goal is to concentrate on products that are best in their category – based on real user experiences. We want to bring better options available for Finnish men who are tired of fast-food fashion and lack of service that helps to make […]

Introducing Frank Clegg Leatherworks

One of the first members in our Foundry Curators Club tipped us about Frank Clegg and his story. Frank and this small team of craftspeople produce some of the finest and beautifully simple leather bags and accessories that we have seen. Everything is custom hand-made, one piece at a time for customers who order, in […]

Hot summer (boots) after long silence

First of all, apologies for the silence. We have been busy getting ready for new exciting things, fixing motorbikes, boats and moving furniture around city. But now summer is here and so are new plans, finally. Our exclusive menswear retail store concept is moving forward, and with speed. We will launch more news about Foundry […]