The Best Canvas Bag Ever Made?

In 2010 I bought this canvas messenger bag from Howies Hand-Me-Down series, made by Brady UK. I was seduced by the simple idea behind the product: “Make something so well that it will survive for generations.” Guys at Howies were so confident about these products that they came with minimum 10 years guarantee and a […]

2012 – The Year When I Found Lewis Leathers

Last winter I was looking for a pair of motorcycle boots for my very first riding season. I had already decided to buy a vintage motorcycle from late 70s so naturally I was in the search for riding gear to fit that spirit. I came across Lewis Leathers, the Britain’s oldest motorcycle clothing company, and […]

New Shoe Brand to Helsinki?

We’re trying to find a way to introduce some missing brands to Helsinki garment market, and we decided to start by askin people which shoe brand they think is missing from Helsinki’s selection. Go to Facebook and answer our poll, and we’ll be sure to do our best to do something about it! The poll […]

Rustico Leather Satchel

Lately I’ve been interested in leather goods made as little unnecessary parts and thingies as possible. An Utah based company called Rustico makes this excellent satchel with only couple of metal rivets. Otherwise the satchel is designed to open, close and support itself with no additional parts. Clever, and beautiful, we think. The satchel is […]

Crossed Arrows wallet

Though I am not a big fan of traditional leather wallets with compartments for bills and coins and whatnot, this Crossed Arrows leather wallet somehow speaks to me. The combination on tan and black leather works well, and the quality of design and packaging just calls for admiration. The price is hefty, but hey, it […]

Something Modern & Something Traditional Set by Pepe

The Hailuoto Sweater I’m a huge fan of all fishermen wools – they keep you warm with even with a thin coat or jacket, and thus are the perfect autumn garment. My  two favourite sweaters at the moment are Armor Lux and Saint James Breton sweaters, 100% wool and tightly knit of course. They are […]

Quality from Moorlands Set – by Reima

The Overcoat for Winter That Is Late – Mackintosh Dunkeld Raincoat Thanks to the climate change we seem get each year more and more rain in Finland before it actually starts to snow. For postponed “winters” like these a well-fitting, well-designed and equally handsome raincoat is a prized article – but hard to find. However, […]

A Magazine Dedicated to Stuff We Love

It’s been a while since I ordered a magazine printed on paper. But when I came across Men’s File on my trip in Japan, I really had no choice. It’s a truly inspiring paper exploring the spirit of “revival”, an approach that seeks to recover everything good, authentic, and healthy that has been left behind. Revival […]

The Emerson Weekender – Extreme in every way

Emil Erwin of Nashville, Tennessee is certainly worth a word or two. This leather craft company does everything with extreme precision – details, materials, you name it. Their Waxed Canvas weekender is definitely something for those who want something other than Filson weekender (not that we wouldn’t love Filson). Check it out, and be sure […]

Authentic Motorcycle Jackets with The Most Realistic Vintage Patina

Steward are a small leather workshop in Tuscany, Italy. They believe in tradition, based on the secrets of fine craftsmanship and manual skills that have been handed down from generation to generation for nearly forty years. The result is the most incredible replica leathers you can find anywhere. These garments are constructed to last and […]

How to Examine Quality in Leather Goods, by Put This On

Put This On has put together an excellent guide hoe to examine quality in leather goods. This is something that you should definitely look in to, if you want to make your future purchases ones that last. Nowadays it is not so simple to separate a product with good leather, good craft and good quality […]

Peckard’s Leather Dressing

It’s time to store the winter boots for the summer. I’ve been scouting online for traditional and reliable methods to care and preserve my boots for storage, and I’ve been constantly bumping on to Peckard. Their boot dressing seems to be the stuff to trust. Peckard’s has been up and running since 1902, so the […]