The Brits With a Twist Set – by Theo

Theo is our new addition to our line of visiting writers or aggregated sets. The Italian Twist – DNA Groove Piave004 My choice for ultimate spring jacket is DNA Groove’s kick-ass version of the classic Baracuta G4. It’s more slim silhouette gives nice italian twist to the original G4 and it’s simple and pure lines […]

Brando as Johnny set – by Reima

This set is inspired by Marlon Brando’s role as Johnny Strabler in the movie The Wild One. Trying to be an inch more modern interpretation of this iconic style.   The Rebel Leather – Schott NYC x Restoration Hardware, Café Racer Motorcycle Jacket Every man’s wardrobe needs one good leather jacket. It’s one of the […]

“Take cover, light cover” set – by Pepe

The Two Essentials Per Month for April 2012 The spring in the Nordic countries is sometimes a rollercoaster of weathers. For example, the past sunday it snowed in Sweden, while a couple of hundred miles east, in Helsinki, I got to enjoy some excellent riding weather with my Duc. This means, I wouldn’t be surprised […]

A short look in to Tanner Goods

Portland based Tanner Goods has always been able to produce sturdy and tough leather goods that are stilla able to maintain the classic look and versatility. In this short video by Ryan Bush we get a brief look in to the process of making their trade mark belt. Each step is hand made, and even […]

Herschel Supply Co.’s Walton in cobalt & khaki

It seems that Herschel Supply’s bags are everywhere – at least on the up-to-date-mens-stores and the style blogs that I follow. I recently had a change to get my hands on few of their Walton duffels in London’s excellent Son of Stag. The overall feel of the bags is very convincing with the nicely durable […]

Two essentials per month – March 2012

It’s again time for our monthly two essentials sets – our second month in a row! Where as last month we chose to pay homage to Tom and Andrews’ idea for the February set, this month we selected the two essentials based on our own judgement. The spring is coming (no matter what Mr. G.R.R. […]

Two for the Road Set – by Pepe

Purpose engineered – Red Wing Heritage Engineer Boot My set this month is titled for the road for a very good reason. I wanted to look in to this months set as something to serve you on the road – whether travelling by airplane, train, or as in my case, by a motorcycle. I wanted […]

The Good-for-a-Lifetime Set – by Reima

The Versatile Mid-Season Boots – Brooklyn Bootworks, Greenpoint I just came across Brooklyn Bootworks footwear brand some weeks ago. Jess and Mike design these awesome boots in Brooklyn with a modest mission to make the best boots in the world. The footwear is hand-made in an Italian factory that has crafted exquisite footwear for three […]

The Put This On Set – from

Ten to get you started – The Shoes Instead of introducing one boot or shoe for you to consider, we picked a ten pair selection from, which gives you an extremely well justified and explained set of ten different shoes for the road. Here are a couple of our picks. Follow the link after […]

Unboxing Lewis Leathers Westway Boots

This pair of Lewis Leathers Westway No.W10 motorcycle boots in russet shade of brown just came over by mail. Truly amazing. Now I just need to wait for that motorcycle to fit the style to arrive.