Sebastian Tarek on HBTV

Beautiful craftsmanship as well as paramount enthusiasm – Sebastian Tarek piece on HBTV’s Modern Day Artisans series. Check it out and get inspired!  

The T&A Homage Set – by the T&A Blog

The Raw Denim Jeans – Iron Heart Raw Denim The T&A’s choice in in raw denim (at least in the photo) is the UK’s own Iron Heart Raw. The Iron Heart has a good and heavy selection of denim, all the way up to 25 oz. It is not the toughest denim in the world, but quite […]

The Heritage Set – by Reima

The Raw Denim Jeans – Raleigh Denim, Nash Raw, Straight Fit In these days of low-cost production and fast food fashion it’s always refreshing to find companies with true passion to for creating handcrafted goods with the best possible tools and methods available. The folks at Raleigh Denim workshop truly have a mission to build […]

The Minimal Versatility Set – by Pepe

The Raw Denim – Tellason Ladbroke Grove Tellason has created these minimalistic, mid priced raw denim jeans, that are well worth the money (a bit below the 200$ mark). With the Ladbroke Grove model you get slim, tapered fit, with 14.75 oz raw denim that might take a bit of working and beating to give […]

Two essentials per month – February 2012

This is our first Two Essentials Per Month post, so we might as well call this the launch of our new monthly series. In this series, we are focusing in bringing you two new essential pieces of garment or accessories each month. 

Uni-Fold Wallet by Noah Lambert

The weakest point in an object is always in the joint, seam or weld. Noah Lambert takes a direct action to ensure durability by reducing the number of seams down to two in this beautiful single piece leather wallet.

Brooks England Saddle – 44 years in use

As part of our appreciation for everything long lasting, here’s a pick from Brooks England. Be sure to read the whole story, and you might as well check the other stories shared on their web site. It’s heart warming to read the stories behind an excellent product.

North Sea Clothing – Going for wool

It’s getting chilly out – time to check those wools in the closet. If you find yourself with worn out, saggy sweaters, it’s time to get a classic update. And we especially like the idea that a wool sweater is the one thing you need to be able to motorbike in the winter.